High Octane

Okay, so the people who name these strains are running out of names? We found HI Octane which is not the same as High Octane which is not the same as Tri Octane…blah blah blah.

This is the heavy Indica, High Octane. Depending on who you talk to, this one has a three way cross breed process. Hindu Kush is always mentioned as one of the strains used. Chem Dawg is another, with Lemon usually being the third,

High THC counts (anywhere from 22 to 29 per cent) make this a very heavy hitter. End of day weed for sure. Typical Indica buzz with the mind eventually drifting into sleep.

Nice, big, dense nugs, again this is typical of a pure or almost pure Indica.

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Price per ounce: $170

Half ounce: $90

Quarter ounce:$50


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